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Silverlight Powered Blog

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What's included in the package?

  • Silverlight UI
  • Posting from Windows Live Writer
  • Hierarchical Categories
  • Hierarchical Comments
  • RSS 2.0 and Atom 1.0 Feeds
    • Including individualized Category RSS Feeds.
  • Twitter Integration
    • Twitter widget that shows latest tweets from user
    • "Tweet This" link at the end of every blog post
  • User Friendly URLs / Permlinks
  • Single and Multi-user Support
  • Macros
    • Macros transform free text into Visual Elements.
    • SimpleVideo Macro - renders out a Video player
    • XAP Macro - loads an external xap and shows the root visual
    • XAML Macro - renders out XAML into the blog post UI
  • SEO
    • Robots.txt and Sitemap support for web crawlers
    • All blog posts are rendered out to support search engine
  • Deep Linking Support
  • Google Analytics Support
  • Back office management
  • Custom Splash Screen
  • Custom "Get Silverlight" screen
  • Personalized Widgets
  • Extensibility
    • All defaults widgets, services and layout can be easily replaced.
  • Full Source Code

Extensibility Future Blog Posts

  • Deployment
  • Creating a new Silverlight Blog Widget
  • Creating a new silverlight blog Macro
  • Changing the default Layout Manager
  • Changing the SideBar layout


  • Project owner and Coding: Justin-Josef Angel
  • Beta Testers: Scott Hanselman, Rob Eisenberg, Velvárt, András, Yasser Makram, Rui Marinho, Ian Smith, Juan Puebla, Mark Woodhall and Jim Wightman.

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